Welcome to San Clemente Green

We are a grass roots organization comprised of citizens for a sustainable future, united by a shared concern about global warming and peak oil, as well as many other local issues. We imagine a positive outcome as we transition from an industrial revolution based on cheap oil, to an age of efficiency resulting in a better quality of life for ourselves and the rest of our planet. Please join us in this monumental effort by sending an email to gary@sanclementegreen.org.



San Clemente Green aims to protect and enhance the quality of life in our community by promoting sustainable practices. We are a broad coalition of stakeholders, including civic leaders, business owners and employees, representatives of city agencies, educators and students, members of various community groups and other concerned citizens. Together we will inform, encourage, and empower our community to balance ecological, economic, and social needs to ensure a clean, healthy, safe and vibrant environment now and for generations to come.



We envision a San Clemente that manages its unique assets to meet its needs in a responsible manner. We seek a better quality of life for our community now, and for future generations, while enhancing nature's ability to function over time by minimizing waste, preventing pollution, promoting efficiency, protecting the city’s natural attributes and preserving our local resources. San Clemente will resemble a living system in which human, natural and economic elements are interdependent and draw strength from one another. 


In order to get the latest information regarding San Onofre, a robust website, San Onofre Safety, has been created by Donna Gilmore, filled with referenced data and recent events. We are getting back to our primary purpose, which is to learn how to live on this planet in a sustainable, respectful, harmonious manner. If you would like to get our newsletters about sustainable living, send an email to gary@sanclementegreen.org. We'll still keep you informed on important actions and events concerning decommissioning and nuclear waste at San Onofre and other related issues as well.