Nuclear Power FAQ's and Updates for Japan Crisis

Here is an unbiased, scientific analysis put into plain English to
answer the many questions being asked about Nuclear Power and Safety. It
is continually being updated.

Great Participation at City Hall last Night

Anxiety and stress built up during the day as I wondered how things would unfold.

Nuclear Disaster Topic at City Council on 3/15

Dear Friends at San Clemente Green and beyond,

COMMUNITY MARKET - Come hear the latest!

It’s been a long time since most have heard of our progress.

SC Green Requests a new city staff position, Sustainability Coordinator, to better implement our SAP

City Council Meeting – 2/15/11
Request for a Sustainability Coordinator for the City of San Clemente

SONGS - More close calls - Where is the media?

Here are the details of our conversation with the NRC and a link to a
news article showing how different the media covers this topic. I think

HENDERSON HOUSE First Community Garden in San Clemente gets built!

See attached articles and photos...

The Ecology Center Newsletter

Bike and Pedestrian planning underway-Please take brief surveys for the city...

Provided to us by Brenda Miller...I have 3 things to share in re: the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

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