Community Garden at Henderson House - NEED VOLUNTEERS PLEASE

A wonderful opportunity awaits those who would like to help others that are trying to help themselves to a better life at the Henderson House, (Vista Los Mares area off of Camino de Los Mares, just pa

Road Bike Safety Class

Once again, that most excellent and dedicated instructor on cycling
safety, our own Pete Van Nuys, will be teaching the League of American

July 21 - NRC Hearing in Maryland - SONGS possibly to use Weapons Grade Plutonium for fuel

You can follow this hearing live by phone if you contact the number provided in the attached agenda by July 19.


This is the repository for all things related to Permaculture. There are attachments, photos and links below.

Review of SC Collaborative Emergency Preparedness Event 4/29/10

At the recent “Disaster Preparedness” meeting held by the San Clemente Collaborative, none of the highly trained professionals on the panel ever went into any specifics about a nuclear event at San On

Earth Day Has a Variety of Offerings to Choose From

Saturday at the Pier and Sunday at San Mateo Campground are both filled with fun activities for all. Join the Community Celebration at the pier from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

So Far So Good for a Safe Re-Start of SONGS Unit 2

Congratulations may be a bit premature since we are only up to 20 % power, but so far, so good!

Earth Hour Review

This year’s event was another joyous occasion, even with a few last minute glitches.

EARTH HOUR 2010 - March 27 - 8-9:30 pm - General Information

Tens of millions of people around the world
will turn off their non-essential lights as a

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