Gradually greener real estate - OC REGISTER

Building environmentally friendly homes gets a boost as two O.C. projects win green certification and more cities enact green building standards.

OC Register Article on STYROFOAM

Jim Walker, owner of Olympic Wire and Equipment Newport Beach, spends a large portion of his time talking to customers.

Bill Clinton sees global warming fight as a way to create jobs, opportunity

Former President Clinton told mayors Thursday that fighting global warming was a chance to create good jobs and give an economic boost to the middle class, to save cities and residents money with impr

San Clemente's elected leaders support a national grass-roots campaign to develop a battery-powered car called a PHEV.

Here's a way to save millions of motorists' need for gas

Progress to some, shameful to others.

Now that higher mileage performance will be required, car manufacturers are rolling out technology that has existed for more than 100 years which will increase MPG, reduce pollution, and save money for consumers. How does this make YOU feel? Please add comments to this one! Click here to read more.

Berkely's New Solar Initiative

This bit of news was submitted by Cara Black. Berkely is considering a plan that makes purchasing solar panels for your home essentially for free. The cost is defrayed with a twenty year assesment on your property. The increase in your payment is less than the monthly savings in energy consumption! Sounds like a win-win to me! They are to vote on it Nov.6.

Update, The results are in and it was approved unanimaously! Click here to read article!

Our Green Tsunami - Article by Steve Netherby

Once again, our prolific, insightful and persuasive writer, Steve Netherby has done it again! In case you didn't have a chance to read his latest article in The San Clemente Times, we have included it here. I found it particularly interesting that he used the Tsunami metaphor to describe our movement. Jerry Collamer, Michael Kaupp and others in our group have described our cause as riding a wave as well. Coincidentally, we have been playing around with the idea of using a green wave for our logo instead of a leaf. The tag line might be something like "San Clemente Green - Catch the Wave". Please let me know what you think of that idea, and if you like it we'll do some conceptual graphics.

Costa Mesa goes GREEN!

Another local city going green bodes well for San Clemente!

USGBC-OC Mixer / LEED for Homes

Sun Post covers SC Green Mtg #1

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