TV Commercial to keep San Onofre Shutdown Hits the Southland

Please see this new TV ad on YouTube (and on CNN and MSNBC all week).

Video of San Onofre's Tsunami Wall - by BLOOMBERG News agency

Here is a video from a vantage point few get to see.

General Update on San Onofre Issues

We are cautiously optimistic that Tuesday night was the turning of the tide in our favor.

Councilmember Agran's Persuasive Speech at Irvine City Council

Please open the attached pdf

Irvine City Council Calls for Shutdown - See NEWS Results

Irvine calls for Immediate Shutdown

City of Irvine Invites Us to Make Presentation on San Onofre - 3/27

Irvine City Council has allowed us a 15 minute spot on their agenda to present our concerns about San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

Grid Operators Expect to be Able to Handle Peak Summer Loads Without San Onofre

The ISO (Grid Operator) is working closely with state agencies and plant owners in evaluating the reliability impacts of implementing this regulation to ensure it does not compromise electricity grid

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