Media Results - San Clemente City Council on Radiation Monitoring

Good turn out at City Council. Thanks to all of you who were able to show up. You are making a difference.

Whistle-Blower Gives Us Some Insights Into the Generator Tube Issues

This is the response I got when asking what this person knew about the current situation inside the plant...

An Apt Reminder About a Warning from 2 Years Ago About Generators at San Onofre

I ran across this report you gave to the City Council in 2010.  It may be timely to remind them of the warnings you gave two years ago about the steam generators.

City Council Meeting on Radiation Monitoring on Tuesday night (3/20).

1)      A big turnout at this meeting will help express the seriousness of
our concerns to Councilmembers and especially the media, (see staff report

Review of our FUKUSHIMA REMEMBERED events

Thanks for all the support from the SC Green community in giving
your time or treasure, or both. We anticipate more expenses in the near

Fukushima Remembered March 10 and 11 - Press Release

For Immediate Release
Contact: Gary Headrick, 949-218-4051,

Schedule for Posting Flyers

We need volunteers to help put fliers on cars as the weekend approaches.


We've left a supply of fliers and posters at San Clemente Art Supply and I'll check to make sure

Please sign up at the FUKUSHIMA REMEMBERED Facebook Event

Please sign up at this Facebook Event so
people will see how many others plan to attend,(and give me a little
peace of mind too).

How Do We Still Have Power When San Onofre is not Operating (23 days and counting)?

I asked this question of a whistle blower who was a licensed nuclear operator at San Onofre and got the following explanation...

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