Can You Handle the Truth about San Onofre?

Listen to this testimony from a licensed nuclear reactor operator at San Onofre, James Chambers, provide an insider's explanation in plain English about what has actually taken place during recent

Call for Community Advocacy - Shutdown San Onofre

San Clemente Green has been raising these concerns ever since the
end of 2010 when whistle blowers contacted us about the company taking

Whistle-Blower has some venting to do about the recent leak and radiation release

A manager from San Onofre shared his insights with me today into what he believes is going on with the leak at the plant right now.

Nothing to worry about here. Just a little leak (we hope).

Update: San Onofre Nuclear Reactor Shut Down After Leak

Radioactive water spills into containment dome, yet there is no danger
to the public, officials say.

Call to Action - radioactive waste at San Onofre for the next 200 years?

Lots going on in the Nuclear Power arena, and we need your help again, as we will from time to time.

Weigh in on Nuclear Power Poll

Another POLL asking people if they want to shut down San Onofre is out. Those who want the nuclear power plant to keep operating seem to have gotten the jump on us.

Occupy Irvine Presentation by SC Green: "Nuclear Power - They get the Profit, We get the Risk"

San Clemente Green has been invited to speak at Occupy Irvine about nuclear power issues.

A Chance to Vote to Shutdown San Onofre

A Poll by the Orange County Register is asking, "Would you vote to shut down San Onofre?"

Solana Beach Next Up to Consider San Onofre Safety Issues

On November 16th Solana Beach City Council heard from our group regarding our concerns about the risks posed by San Onofre and requested a report from city staff on the matter.

Nuclear Issue - City Council Unanimously Votes to Stand With Us on Most Concerns (except for immediate shutdown)

Tuesday night, October 18th, was at least a partial victory for us in this final meeting the city held in a series of three meetings on Lessons Learned from Fukushima.

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