Garden Art Party - Tile wall dedication 10-19-11

See attached invitation

Great Anticipation for Nuke Topic at City Council Meeting on 10-18-11

City Council will be meeting Tuesday at 6pm/City Hall, 100 Avenida Presidio.

Japan Covers Our Meeting in Major Media Outlet- ASAHI NEWS

See attached document for complete translated article

Have some Fun with our Friends at the Ecology Center

Backyard Skills: Homebrewing / Oct. 22, 1pm

Arnie Gundersen's Video - MUST SEE this "Truth Bomb"

Expert nuclear engineer tells it like it is...

Seriously, this is a must see. We had a snafu at our presentation to the

Tuesday 10/11/11 - Nuclear Experts to Discuss Problems at San Onofre

The long awaited opportunity for our community to hear from nuclear experts that are not on the industry payroll is finally here.

Results from the First Community Meeting on 9/27

Follow these links for media coverage and see full video here...

Will San Onofre be the next Fukushima? Three meetings are to be held to explore this critical question.

Our City Council has called for two special public hearings and a regular City Council meeting to evaluate this question.

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