Panel of Nuclear Experts Invited to City's Workshop

Arnold Gundersen - (has prepared video presentation to be followed by live video conferencing)

Come see us at Celebration of Surf: Music and Art Festival on 9/17

We have a booth at this event, thanks to Joey Santley!

Celebration of Surf: Music and Art Festival
Saturday, September 17, 2011; 5:00pm-10:00pm (gates open at 4:30pm)

What is our City Council thinking?

I have personally tried everything I can to bring about a public meeting to uncover the facts about safety issues we face as neighbors to the second most dangerous nuclear power plant out of all 104 i

Proposed Public Meeting on Nuclear Safety in Doubt

“Lessons learned from Fukushima” was the topic suggested by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) at an annual public meeting held April 18 in the City of San Juan Capistrano.

Panel of Nuclear Experts Invited to City's Workshop

Here is the list of speakers we have invited to participate in the Community Workshop on September 27th.

Muse Concert and Environmental Summit Review

A few people from our group were there a day before the concert to arrange for our booth and also meet a few of the stars in person at a special press conference.

Incredible Response for Letters to the California Energy Commission

In less than 24 hours we received 52 letters from people in close proximity to the nuclear power plant most likely of all 104 in the USA to experience a Fukushima-like disaster.

Planetopia Documentary now Online features SC Green, (in German)

Planetopia has produced this 40 minute documentary regarding California earthquakes and our nuclear power plants. This is surprisingly informative, even in German.

MUSE Anti-Nuke Benefit Concert - See it LIVE if you can't be there in person!


TWITTER: “On Aug 7 I'll be doing a benefit for M.U.S.E. Log on to to watch a live stream of the show for a small donation “

Call for Immediate Action to the California Energy Commission

Time is running out for an important opportunity for you to make a difference in the role of nuclear power in California.

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