Muse Concert and Environmental Summit Review

A few people from our group were there a day before the concert to arrange for our booth and also meet a few of the stars in person at a special press conference. We had about ten volunteers to take turns at the booth during the concert, so everyone had a good chance to enjoy the show. Got a lot of traffic and interest in our activities all day long. I'd have to say that I enjoyed being around 17,000 other people who feel the same way I do about nuclear power as much as I enjoyed the great music.

The next day can be summed up in this press release...

For immediate release:
The day after the MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) anti-nuclear concert, more than 60 California groups met in San Mateo for the first statewide Anti- Nuclear post-Fukushima Summit. Participants committed to continuing work towards the shut-down of the Diablo Canyon and San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, both of which are immediately adjacent to major earthquake faults. In addition, summit members focused on energy conservation and clean, safe, renewable solutions to establish a nuclear-free California.

Friends Of the Earth, Abalone Alliance Clearinghouse, San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, Redwood Alliance, Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, Green Leap Forward, Women's Energy Matters, Peace and Freedom Party, Los Angeles Greens, Alliance for Survival, Sacred Sites Peacewalk for a Nuclear Free World, No Nukes on Fault's, Coalition For Responsible Ethical Environmental Decisions (CREED), San Clemente Green, Residents Organized for a Safe Environment (ROSE), Veterans for Peace Chapter 162 East Bay San Francisco, No Nukes Caucus Veterans for Peace, Ecological Options Network (EON), are just a few of the groups that attended the California Summit on Nuclear Energy in San Mateo California

All in all, the weekend was an informative and inspirational success, not to mention a whole lot of fun!