Arnie Gundersen's Video - MUST SEE this "Truth Bomb"

Expert nuclear engineer tells it like it is...

Seriously, this is a must see. We had a snafu at our presentation to the
community last night and this video below is the one that was actually
intended to be seen. While the rest of the night was largely successful,
this left a big void in the information we had hoped to share with everyone.
This is a message specifically directed to us in San Clemente by a world
renowned nuclear expert. Please, Please, Please see what Arnold Gundersen
has to say to us.

As penance for not checking to be sure I had the right video loaded and for
my own peace of mind, I am committed to showing this to at least the number
of people who were there and missed out, which was over 200. I want to do
this as quickly as possible as a sign of respect and appreciation for Mr.
Gundersen who did this for all of us under much demand for his time and even
endured a little sickness on our behalf. Please help me convey to him that
his effort was worthwhile by writing back to me to confirm and also send any
message you might like for me to convey to him. I might just copy City
Council while I'm at it.

Please open the link below and let me know when you have watched it. Another
offer I'd like to make is to come to any meeting or discussion group to
share this video along with some other pertinent information. Let me know of
anyone that might be interested.

Note: If this has been passed on to you by someone else please reply to me
as well.

Thanks for helping me make lemonade!