Call to Action - radioactive waste at San Onofre for the next 200 years?

Lots going on in the Nuclear Power arena, and we need your help again, as we will from time to time.
How do you feel about storing tons of highly radioactive waste at San Onofre for the next 200 years? The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is recommending it as a possible solution, and the industry loves the idea. I only now just learned of this important topic being discussed and wanted to be sure you were all aware of it also. I hope you can join in the webinar/conversation.

As we approach the anniversary of Japan’s earthquake near Fukushima on March 11 (March 10th here), there is lots to do. Come hear what we have planned so far and contribute your own ideas. We are pulling out all the stops for a significant community event.
Our next meeting is tomorrow, (and every Thursday), 1/26, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at Surfrider.
If you can’t participate we still could use your financial support for advertising and related costs for the event. Either way, we are counting on you. If you have been on the sidelines up until now, this is your call to action. Donations can be made out to San Clemente Green, 2837 Penasco, San Clemente CA 92673, (tax exempt status pending). This is too big of an issue for a small group to handle. It will take many of us to focus on this issue, especially for the next month or so. The truth is, whatever you are doing that may seem very important, San Onofre Safety probably trumps it.