City Council Campaign - Week #2

Here are the next cities being approached this week.

These will be the first time the cities will be asked to put San Onofre on the upcoming agenda. Emails with pertinent information have been sent in advance and it will also give newcomers a good overview (see attachment below). We just need a few folks to go with one of our "experts" who are willing to make a brief comment to make the request in person. It is especially important to connect with people from these communities to participate. If you or anyone you know live or work in these cities and are interested in just showing up, (if not to speak), please contact


Laguna Hills - 24035 El Toro Road and begins at 7:00 PM (map), Contact

Riverside - 3900 Main Street, 7th Floor begins at 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM (map) - Confirm with Jenessa Stemke,


Encinitas - City Hall, 505 South Vulcan Avenue, begins at 6:00 PM -  (map) Contact Chrystal Coleman <>  or sign up at

Request for Agenda Item - SCG.pdf1.67 MB