Mission Viejo Votes 5-0 supporting our concerns for San Onofre Safety - SOS!

We did our presentation to the Mission Viejo City Council on July 2 and they voted unanimously to send letters to the NRC, CPUC, and elected representatives expressing our concerns and asking for a full investigation and public hearing regarding the problems (safety, cost, reliability) with the steam generators. They are fine tuning the letters and promised to have them out in one week. We had about 30 people show up and 16 speakers followed my 10 minute presentation. More than half of the group was from Mission Viejo thanks in part to a good turnout from the local Sierra Club chapter. All of the speakers were amazing as usual. Congratulations and much appreciation to all of those who were able to make it there, especially those folks who traveled from so far away.

Here are a few highlights that deserve some extra recognition. Kevin Higgins (from Temecula) and family showed up in a big way. Grandpa, who is an agile 90 years old came from Santa Monica just to see his 12 year old granddaughter Kaila give her speech. She did an outstanding job. Beverly Findlay-Kaneko's family who has been separated by the disaster in Fukushima also did an incredible job. Her 11 year old son Ryan spoke with confidence and feeling. His father, Yuji, here on a visit, also spoke with heartfelt conviction relating Japan's misery to our own potential situation. He stressed the disappointment he had for Japan's restart of the Oii reactor, and the need to keep ours shutdown as well. Then Beverly's message hit close to home, explaining how difficult it is for the family to be split apart and how disappointing it is to speak to neighbors who would rather make small talk than really understand what has happened in Japan and could easily happen here.

The city council also talked about holding a "community workshop" in the near future (including adjoining cities) with experts on both sides of the nuclear debate presenting their case to the public. The purpose will be to determine if a Resolution for decommissioning San Onofre is called for or not.