About the founders, Gary and Laurie Headrick

We have been living in San Clemente since 1979, working in the field of architectural illustration, and raising our two children Naomi and Nate in this wonderful community we all love so much. As time permitted, we became more and more involved in causes that we felt were important to us and future generations in San Clemente. Until now, we have always played supporting roles doing whatever we could for others who have led the way. Now it seems that the timing may be right for us to step up to the challenge that presented itself when simply asking the question, "What is San Clemente doing to become more GREEN?". Since it is a relatively new idea locally, and nothing has really been started yet, we find ourselves somewhat apprehensively leading the charge (as Jim Pechous put it) to create enough community support to bring the matter before the City Council. The encouraging factors that make this seem do-able are 1) we have met and enjoyed working with some great people over the years on similar causes that we hope will join us in this cause, and 2) a number of other near-by cities have already gone through this process (or are going through it now), and are fine examples for us to follow in ways that can be adapted for our town. For us, the chance for success far out weighs the fear of failure. We are in it for the right reasons regardless of the outcome. We welcome you to join the ranks calling for a sensible program for sustainability, thinking globally and acting locally.